How we became My Sweepstakes Pro!

We ran a few great sweepstakes websites and a large number of our members asked us how they could have their own sweepstakes for their product line.  Remember not all of these members have big companies with unlimited dollars to spend on it, so we started checking around and there really wasn’t a service or website software that would help the smaller companies  without popups, or large branding on their sweepstakes page and in our opinion makes the sweepstakes look I guess for a better word “Cheezy” and not professional.

A sweepstakes that doesn’t look professional will usually FAIL without a doubt.  The whole key to sweepstakes is to gain more quality contacts to potential customers PERIOD.

We developed this easy to use yet very powerful website software so anyone can run their own successful sweepstakes and contest to grow their business along with growing the ever so popular social networks.  We looked at the thousands of sweepstakes being offered and what worked and what didn’t to design our software to give our customers the best for a lot less then what others are charging for essentially renting the software which is fine for some but in our opinion what our competitors charge for the rental has just got out of hand.


Our competitors charge and average $199 a month for their top tier package.  We charge only $99  Why? we know their are a very large number of companies that just can’t afford to pay the high price for this service and may only want to run a couple of sweepstakes and a small monthly fee so they can get their feet wet and learn the benefits of sponsoring a sweepstakes can do for them then they can come back and purchase the software and use it anytime they want for as long as they want with no extra fees to pay.

Let’s get real, they are charging their so called special yearly price at an average $2000  that’s $2000 a year, every year.  Why not spend only $799 one time charge and it’s yours for life to run as many sweepstakes as you want when ever you want.  Yes we could have done the full rental thing but felt you deserve better.


And that’s how we became My Sweepstakes Pro!

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