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Facebook is Stopping “Like Gates”

About Like Gates

‘Like Gates’ have been heavily used by companies and pages to only give access to tab on a Facebook Page so only those users who are Fans or Liked the page will gain access to the giveaway or content. This has been an extremely popular for sweepstakes and contests being hosted on Facebook Pages, as the Page Admin is able to easily gain new ‘Likes’ from every visitor to the sweepstakes & contest.

According to the post on Facebook Developers, the Page object for determining if the user ‘Likes’ the page will no longer be accessible to newly launched Apps and will cease to function on November 5, 2014.

You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page.

What does this mean?

As of November 5, 2014 a promotion (sweepstakes, giveaways, contests) can no longer ask visitors to ‘Like’ a page in order to participate in the sweepstakes. This is a blow to many companies that make their bread and butter on Facebook.

Facebook says that they want brands to gain ‘Likes’ for Pages organically rather than rewarding their users for ‘Liking’ their page.

To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike.

We believe that doing this will allow for higher true page likes but we also feel that Facebook is using this to aid and grow their advertising platform.

Promotions on Facebook have always been a great way to attract new people to ‘Like’ the page. What are your thoughts.

By the way we will be removing the facebook like bonus entry from our software come Nov 5th.

Why Run Sweepstakes & Contest?

On a whole people that enter sweepstakes and contest only enter the ones that the product interests them which means a sponsor gets high quality sales leads to potintial customers that have an interest in their product which will help them to make a sale to all those people who entered.

Companies Use Giveaways to Build their Email List

An email marketing list is a great way for companies to strike up a dialog with you, and to be able to keep you informed about their products and services. This is why contests and sweepstakes usually include the chance to opt-in to the sponsor’s mailing list. Because newsletters are a very valuable form of contacting potential customers, sweepstakes that are instrumental at expanding the mailing list are considered to be very successful.  A good mailing list is GOLD!

Prize Promotions Create “Buzz” about Products

Word of mouth marketing is becoming more powerful than ever, since people can tell friends about things that capture their interest instantly through emails, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and newsletters. Contests and sweepstakes encourage people to talk about a company, spreading the word about their products and services.

Sweepstakes Encourage People to Visit Websites

You can have the greatest product in the wold but if customers don’t know you exist how can you sell your products. Online sweepstakes give people strong motivation to visit a company’s website, and many of those people will continue to explore the website after they’ve entered to see what the company has to offer.

Contests Generate Advertising Content at a Reasonable Cost

Creative contests where participants submit photos, recipes, or essays about products can oftentimes be used as advertising. In other words, instead of paying an ad agency to produce content, sponsors can pass the money that they would otherwise spend directly to their loyal customers in the form of prizes, benefiting sweepers and corporations alike.

Sweepstakes Provide Valuable Market Research

Many times, you might see some optional or required survey questions while you are filling out sweepstakes entry forms. Why? Sponsors are trying to get some insight about how their potential customers think, go about their days, or use the company’s products around the house. This can help them focus their advertising to be more effective.

Giveaways Strengthen the Relationship Between Company and Customer

Sweepstakes strengthen the company to consumer relationship by building a sense of fun, by entertaining people while informing them about the company’s products, and by giving customers a benefit for interacting with the company in the form of fun prizes. The chance to win creates a positive feeling toward the company in their visitors’ minds, which can then carry over to a brighter attitude toward the sponsor’s products.

So as you can see the benefits to sponsoring sweepstakes and contests is great for making your business succeed.

How we became My Sweepstakes Pro!

We ran a few great sweepstakes websites and a large number of our members asked us how they could have their own sweepstakes for their product line.  Remember not all of these members have big companies with unlimited dollars to spend on it, so we started checking around and there really wasn’t a service or website software that would help the smaller companies  without popups, or large branding on their sweepstakes page and in our opinion makes the sweepstakes look I guess for a better word “Cheezy” and not professional.

A sweepstakes that doesn’t look professional will usually FAIL without a doubt.  The whole key to sweepstakes is to gain more quality contacts to potential customers PERIOD.

We developed this easy to use yet very powerful website software so anyone can run their own successful sweepstakes and contest to grow their business along with growing the ever so popular social networks.  We looked at the thousands of sweepstakes being offered and what worked and what didn’t to design our software to give our customers the best for a lot less then what others are charging for essentially renting the software which is fine for some but in our opinion what our competitors charge for the rental has just got out of hand.


Our competitors charge and average $199 a month for their top tier package.  We charge only $99  Why? we know their are a very large number of companies that just can’t afford to pay the high price for this service and may only want to run a couple of sweepstakes and a small monthly fee so they can get their feet wet and learn the benefits of sponsoring a sweepstakes can do for them then they can come back and purchase the software and use it anytime they want for as long as they want with no extra fees to pay.

Let’s get real, they are charging their so called special yearly price at an average $2000  that’s $2000 a year, every year.  Why not spend only $799 one time charge and it’s yours for life to run as many sweepstakes as you want when ever you want.  Yes we could have done the full rental thing but felt you deserve better.


And that’s how we became My Sweepstakes Pro!

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